Dunmore, Helen

Last Edited: 18-May-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Date Title Cast Parameters
06-Apr-2006 Exit, Stage Left
read by Renu Brindle
produced by Mary Ward Lowry
13:40, 6414, m
24-Jul-2006 Writ in Water
read by Julian Rhind-Tutt
Producer Elizabeth Allard
14:29, 6797, m
05-Sep-2006 The Mironov Legacy
Helen Mirren, Geoffrey Whitehead, Stuart Fox, Iain Mitchell,
Susanna Dye, Sophie Ford
Director Mark Smalley
43:41, 40965, S
11-Apr-2008 Taken In Shadows read by Emma Fielding
Producer Kirsteen Cameron
13:57, 13094, S
05-Mar-2007 Latvian Angel read by Stephanie Cole
Producer Mark Smalley
13:44, 6444, m
15-Jun-2010 Count From The Splash Read by Tracy Wiles.
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
14:02, 13169, S
06-Dec-2010 to
The Betrayal Read by Sara Kestelman
The abridger is Sally Marmion
the producer is Di Speirs
13:56, 13074, S
13:59, 13123, S
13:54, 13044, S
14:04, 13200, S
13:49, 12961, S
13:55, 13058, S
14:00, 13141, S
14:02, 13167, S
13:58, 13097, S
13:59, 13119, S
25-Dec-2011  Frost at Midnight read by Helen Dunmore
Producer: Tim Dee
13:32, 12668, S
13-Aug-2012 to
The Greatcoat Abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths
Reader: Jasmine Hyde
Producer: Beth O'Dea
13:53, 13000, S
13:47, 12916, S
13:44, 12865, S
13:43, 12838, S
13:40, 12806, S
22-Feb-2013 Hamid in the Playhouse Read by Joanna Tope
Produced by Kirsteen Cameron
13:40, 12795, S
Chocolate for Later
Written and read by Helen Dunmore
Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery
13:49, 12941, S
06-Mar-2017 to
Birdcage Walk
The readers are Hattie Morahan and Carl Prekopp
The abridger is Sara Davies
Produced by Julian Wilkinson
68:54, 64454, S
70:18, 65765, S

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