Delderfield, R F

Last Edited: 16-May-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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Spark in Judea
Valentine Dyall, Pauline Letts, Roger Snowdon, Heron Carvic,
Sheila Grant, Frank Atkinson, David Spenser, Peter Wilde,
David March, James Thomason, Jane Jordan Rodgers,
John Boddington
adapted by Simone Packingham
Produced by Noel Iliff
88:24, 82894, M
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The Spinster of South Street
Rachel Gurney, Austin Trevor, Duncan McIntyre, Hester
Paton-Brown, Michael Spice, Elizabeth Morgan, Norman
Claridge, Margaret Ward, Polly Murch, James Thomason,
John Gray, Barbara Mitchell, Sheila Grant
Adapted by Cythia Pugh
Produced by Betty Davies
87:44 , 82265, M
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My Dearest Angel
Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Andrew Sachs, Gareth Spencer, Eric
Anderson, Robin Lloyd, John Wise, Polly Lurch, Gabriel Woolf,
Bruce Cundell, Valerie Cliffwright
Adapted for radio by Cynthia Pugh
production by Norman Wright
84:08, 78885, M
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08-Jul-1967 to
A Horseman Riding
  1. Long Summer Day
  2. Wind in the East
  3. Post of Honour
William Lucas, Josephine Tewson, Christopher Bidmeade,
Douglas Hankin, Anthony Jackson, Rosalind Shanks,
Carol Marsh, LeRoy Lingwood, Wilfred Babbage, Rolf
Lefebvre, Eileen Kineally, Beth Boyd, Margaret Robertson,
Geoffrey Wincott, Harold Kaskett, Alexander John,
Preston Lockwood, Anthony Viccars, Nigel Anthony,
Hilda Schroder, Gudrun Ure
Produced by Guy Vesey
2: 89:13, 62743, M
3: 88:09, 61987, M
Publ. 1972
23-Jan-2006 to
To Serve Them All My Days
Oliver Milburn, John Wood, John Rowe, Anthony Calf, Alison
Pettitt, Delroy Brown, Josh Freeborn, Steven Williams,
Roberts, Juliet Aubrey, John Cummins, Anthony Glennon, Nick
Sayce, Clive Merrison, Kate Buffery, Gerard McDermott
dramatised by Shaun McKenna
Director Marc Beeby and Cherry Cookson
43:59, 41242, S
43:48, 41069, S
43:55, 41175, S
43:51, 41124, S
43:42, 40972, S

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