Davis, Lindsey

Last Edited: 15-May-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

See also Walker, Mike: Dickens Confidential.
Twice Tried, Twice Hung, Twice Buried
Written and read by Lindsey Davis
Producer Mary Ward-Lowery
13:34, 12732, S

Marcus Lidius Falco – Roman Detective
The Silver Pigs
Anton Lesser, Felicity Jones, Gillian Goodman, Ben Crowe,
Robert Lister, Richard Derrington, Sean Connolly, Frances
Jeater, Helen Monks, Ian Brooker, Fritha Goodey, Susan
Jeffrey, Alex Jones, Jonathan Keeble, Michael Tudor Barnes
Dramatised by Mary Cutler
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
27:55, 26174, S
27:47, 26049, S
27:52, 26133, S
28:13, 26469, S
24-Jan-2005 to
Shadows in Bronze
Anton Lesser, Anna Madeley, Ben Crowe, Fiona Clarke,
Michael Tudor Barnes, Christian Rodska, Sara Poyzer,
Christopher Kelham, Paul Webster, Timothy Watson,
Jaimi Barbakoff, Bertie Carvel, Sean Connolly
Dramatised by Mary Cutler
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
28:03, 26312, S
27:11, 25500, S
27:50, 26095, S
27:43, 25987, S
27:36, 25882, S
28:09, 25996, S
19-May-2006 to
Venus in Copper
Anton Lesser, Anna Madeley, Stephen Critchlow, Ben Crowe,
Jonathan Keeble, Frances Jeater, Julia Hills, Tracy Wiles,
Laurance Saunders, Jonathan Tafler, Bella Merling, Jez Thomas,
Chipo Chung, Ian Brooker, Colin Rote, Nick Fletcher, Graham
Padden, Kim Wall, Emily Chennery
Dramatised by Mary Cutler
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
28:06, 26351, S
28:05, 26329, S
27:57, 26220, S
27:50, 26095, S
27:59, 26239, S
27:57, 26207, S
06-Apr-2007 to
The Iron Hand of Mars
Anton Lesser, Anna Madeley, Ben Crowe, Michael Tudor Barnes,
Jonathan Keeble, David Holt, Mark Straker, Sion Pritchard,
Gary Lewis, Glyn Pritchard, Oliver J Hembrough, Jez Thomas,
Rachel Atkins, Carolyn Backhouse, Sophie Samuda, James
Durham, Dan Crow, Christine Kavanagh Aneirin Hughes, Mali
Harries, Michael Elwyn
dramatised by Mary Cutler
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
28:06, 26352, S
27:56, 26189, S
28:05, 26341, S
27:48, 26078, S
27:58, 26231, S
28:02, 26286, S
18-May-2009 to
Poseidons Gold
Anton Lesser, Anna Madeley, Ben Crowe, Frances Jeater,
Andy Hockley, Paul Clarkson, Trevor Peacock, Adrian Grove, 
Miranda Keeling, David Fleeshman, John Flitcroft, Joseph Mydell,
Gilly Bond, Richard Katz, Kate Laden, Laura Matthews,
Jonathan Tafler
dramatised by Mary Cutler
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild
13:44, 12883, S
13:46, 12909, S
13:54, 13048, S
13:56, 13067, S
14:06, 13235, S
13:57, 13085, S
13:55, 13063, S
14:02, 13170, S
13:51, 13001, S
13:49, 12954, S

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