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Last Edited: 14-May-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Broadcast R4:
The Long Wait
Based on a story by Mike Walker
Juliet Stevenson, Felicite de Jeu, Kenneth Collard,
Bill Wallis, Claudia Harrison, Raquel Cassidy, Tonia
Chauvet, Abbie Nichols, Charlie Hicks, Bertie
Carvel, Paul Humpoletz, Damian Lynch, Jamie Glover
Music by Neil Brand and Johnny Eacott
Director Toby Swift
57:07, 53548, S
Broadcast R7:
Cross My Heart and Hope to Fly
Pauline Collins, Jamie Foreman, Kerry Fox
Directed by Sally Avens
45:14, 42420, S
18-Jul-2005 to
Soldiers' Wives
Juliet Aubrey, Maxine Peake, Suzanna Hamilton,
Sarah Counsell, Hayley Doherty
Directed by Jeremy Howe
14:02, 13162, S
13:59, 13124, S
13:51, 13000, S
14:00, 13138, S
14:00, 13128, S
Sound Barriers
Patricia Routledge, Steve Day, Caroline Quentin
Directed by Sally Avens
57:20, 53751, S
The Adoption Party
Thomas Glenister, Matilda Ziegler, Sian Thomas,
Annabelle Apsion
Director Celia de Wolff
13:33, 12713, S
20-Nov-2006 to
Immigration Stories
  1. The Immigration Officer's Story
  2. The Adviser's Story
  3. The Social Worker and the
    Interpreter's Story
  4. The Hotel Manager's Story
  5. Not the End of the Story
  1. Robert Gwilym, Kathryn Rogers, Paul Mohan
  2. Alison Reid, Robert Gwilym, Kathryn Rogers
  3. Adam Levy, Badria Timimi
  4. Katherine Rogers, Peter Ellis, Robert Gwilym
  5. Robert Gwilym, Kathryn Rogers, Peter Ellis,
    Alison Reid, Adam Levy, Badria Timimi, Paul Mohan
Producer/director Sara Davies
13:20, 12510, S
14:07, 13238, S
13:33, 12709, S
13:45, 12901, S
13:27, 12613, S
God Blind Me
Penelope Wilton, Ian Hogg, Ron Cook, John Dougall
Music Russell Taylor.
Director Peter Kavanagh
44:22, 41595, S
The Birdwoman of Bognor
Marcia Warren, Emma Fielding, Philip Jackson
Director Gordon House
43:35, 40868, S
Left In Trust
Kenneth Cranham, Sophie Stanton
Director Sally Avens
44:12, 41454, S
27-Jul-2010 Humanly Possible
Farzana dua Elahe, Michael Shelford, Ewan Bailey, Zita
Sattar, Joanna Monro, Federay Holmes, Tony Bell
Researcher: Alison Griffiths
Directed by Jonquil Panting
43:39, 40931, S
13-Jun-2010 But If You Try Sometimes
Lesley Manville, Amy Golden, Alex Tregear, Jelena
Director ..... Sally Avens
44:13, 41469, S
14-Nov-2011 to
Journey to Starlight Mountain
Sydney Wade, Nicola Miles-Wildin, Gaynor Faye,
Martha Godber, John Godber, Amy Beth Hayes,
James Weaver, Caleb Parkin
Music composed and performed by Lawrence Williams
Director...Mary Ward-Lowery
13:16, 12431, S
13:16, 12432, S
13:19, 12477, S
13:40, 12800, S
13:29, 12787, S

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