Cecil, Henry

Last Edited: 13-Apr-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

No Fear or Favour
Paul Daneman, Peter Sallis, Sarah Badel, Peter Howell,
Peter Williams, Timothy Bateson, Hector Ross, Michael Shannon,
Manning Wilson, Anthony Higginson, Michael Burlington, Michael Cochrane
Produced by Harry Katlin
86:44, 81325, m
BBC Home Srvc
A Matter of Speculation
Cecil Parker, William Fox, Noel Howlett, Garard Green, John
Boxer, Alan Haines, Stephen Thorne, Basil Jones, Fraser Kerr,
Nigel Graham, Eric Anderson, Hector Ross, Mary Wimbush,
Norman Shelley
Other parts were played be the BBC Drama Repertory Company
Produced by Archie Campbell
74:04, 69446, M
Alibi for a Judge
Andrew Cruickshank, Amanda Grinling, Aubrey Woods, Jonathan Scott,
Trader Faulkner, Peter Howell, Michael Shannon, Clifford Northgate,
Hector Ross, Carol Boyd, Michael Burlington, Anthony Smee
Dramatised by Felicity Douglas
Directed by John Tydeman
88:01, 82517, S
BBC Home Srvc
Daughters In Law
Cecil Parker, Naunton Wayne, Rolf Lefebvre, Philip Leaver, Peter
Claughton, Gudrun Ure, Diana Olsson, Will Leighton, John Pullen,
William Eedle, Anthony Viccars, Malcolm Hayes, Derek Birch,
Haydn Jones
Produced by H. B. Fortuin
88:55, 83359, M
BBC Home Srvc
Unlawful Occasions
Alan Badel, Catherine Dolan, Patrick Barr, Marjorie Mars, Will Layton,
James Thomason, Sian Davis, John Baddeley, Leslie Perrins, Rolf
Lefebvre, George Curzon, George Merritt, Arthur Gomez, Charles
Simon, Anthony Vickers, Jonathan Scott, Earl Gray,
Elizabeth Morgan
Produced by H. B. Fortuin
85:49, 50286, M

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