Caulfield, Anne

Last Edited: 03-Apr-2017
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

See also Baldi

Broadcast R7:
Almost Always African
Lenny Henry, Bill Nighy, Curtis Walker, Joy Elias Romer,
Donna Crowe, Joan Myers, James Green, Mark Straker
Produced by Paul Schlesinger
57:18, 53728, S
23-May-2007 Dickens Confidential
Captain Swing
Jamie Glover, Jasmine Hyde, Freddy White, Jasmine Callan,
Anne Beach, Anthony Glennon, John Dougal, Sam Dale
Producer/director David Hunter
42:18, 39665, S
10-Sep-2007 On the Field
Daniel Abelson, Paul Chahidi, Hassan Calaph, Alan Coveney,
Sheila Hannon, Stephan Kalipha, Chris New, Jonjo O'Neill,
Freddy White, Mike Ingham
Director Mary Ward-Lowery
44:04, 41314, S
01-May-2009 On the Field – Endgame
Paul Chahidi, Ricardo Coke-Thomas, Stephen Critchlow,
Rasmus Hardiker, Helen Longworth, Endy McKay, Paul
Mundell, Paul Rider
Directed by Mary Ward-Lowery
44:04, 41325, S
28-Sep-2007 A Coup
James Purefoy, Ben Onwukwe, Mo Sesay, Clare Perkins,
Christopher Simpson, Olivier Breuils, Ayron Bakare
based on a true memoir by Bruce Chatwin
Director Marina Caldarone
43:42, 40978, S
02-Sep-2008 O Margate Leila Farzad, Ashvin-Kumar Joshi, Helen Longworth, Russell Boulter
Stephen Critchlow, Nadia Williams, Cherie Taylor-Battiste
directed by Mary Ward-Lowry
44:06, 41349, S
03-Oct-2009 The Von Trapps and Me Helen Froggatt, Helen Baxendale, James Fleet, Helen Ayres,
Benjamin Askew, Lizzy Watts, Caroline Guthrie, Mark Meadows
Directed by Mary Ward-Lowery
57:09, 53581, S
28-Sep-2010 On The Field: On Leave Paul Chahidi, Paul Mundell, Carl Prekopp, Osi Okerafor,
Sal Osbay, Hakan Silahsiz
Director: Mary Ward Lowery
43:29, 40776, S
Elsie, Doris, Gert and Daisy Celia Imrie, Susie Blake, Tessa Fi Jones, Tilly Vosburgh,
Anne Beech, Barbara Atkinson, David Bradley, Chris Wright,
Patience Tomlinson, Geoffrey Whitehead, Guy Edwards,
Roger May, Zulaima Dean, Jill Graham, David Timson,
Stephen Critchlow
directed by Marian Nancarrow
87:39, 82186, S
12-Feb-2013 Dusty Won't Play Charlie Brooks, Jack Klaff, Vincent Ebrahim, Jonny Freeman,
Danny Lee Wynter, Rasmus Hardiker
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
Produced by Gordon Kennedy
43:35, 40784, S
Credit Card Baby
Helen Baxendale, Ciaran McMenamin, Beatriz Romilly, Ben Cura
Director Mary Ward-Lowery
43:31, 40714, S

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