Calling All Detectives

Last Edited: 24-Apr-2017
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

US detective series with a quiz segment in which a listener tries to solve the crime. A Mutual Broadcasting show from 1945 and mostly available in episodes from 1948. Also a series in 1952-1953 on CBS Radio.
Dates and titles are very uncertain. Paul Barnes did all of the voices.

Date Title Cast Parameters
198 Restaurant With No Customers
aka Restaurant Scam
Paul Barnes 8:23, 1956, M
254 Golf Kills
aka A Game of Golf
Paul Barnes 7:36, 1783, M
255 Poison Missing
aka Poison in a Chemistry Class
Paul Barnes 7:56, 1860, M
256 Stud Poker
aka An Ace In The Hole
Paul Barnes 8:06, 1899, M
03-Sep-1948 257 Jewel Thief
Set A Thief to Catch A Thief
Paul Barnes 8:09, 1909, M
06-Sep-1948 258 Burglar Proof Safe
Paul Barnes 7:31, 1763, M
07-Sep-1948 259 Real Diamonds
aka Sidewalk Pitchman
Paul Barnes 8:11, 1919, M
08-Sep-1948 260 Colton's Colossal Circus
Paul Barnes 7:48, 1829, M
09-Sep-1948 261 Scientist Killed
aka Earthquake Recording Station
Paul Barnes 7:39, 1795, M
10-Sep-1948 262 Mysterious Fires
Paul Barnes 8:00, 1875, M
13-Sep-1948 263 Man Confesses To Three Murders
aka Confessing to Murder
Paul Barnes 7:38, 1827, M
14-Sep-1948 264 Woman Acquitted Of Murder
Paul Barnes 7:23, 1730, M
22-Nov-1948 313 Spilled Salt
Paul Barnes 11:37, 2723, s
24-Dec-1948 337 Extra Santa
aka Too Many Santas
Paul Barnes 9:05, 2128, M

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters