Columbia Workshop (1936-1943)        
The CBS Radio Workshop (1956-1957)

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A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Columbia Workshop (1936-1943)
Date Episode Title Cast Parameters
CBS Radio
Alice in Wonderland Helen Clare
music by Paul Sterrett and Leith Stevens
adapted and directed by William N. Robson
29:58, 14048, s
30:39, 14369, s
CBS Radio
Alice Through the Looking Glass Helen Clare
music by Paul Sterrett and Leith Stevens
adapted and directed by William N. Robson
30:10, 14142, s
29:58, 14053, s

The CBS Radio Workshop (1956-1957)
An experimental drama series running for about 20 months.

Date Episode Title Cast Parameters
Brave New World
by Aldous Huxley
introduced by Aldous Huxley
Joseph Kearns, Bill Eidelson, Gloria Henry, Charlotte
Lawrence, Byron Kane, Sam Edwards, Jack Kruschen,
Nich Herrin, Lurene Tuttle, Herb Butterfield, Harley
Baird, Doris Singleton, Vic Perrin, William Conrad
music by Bernard Hermann
produced and directed by William Froug
29:50, 27973, s
29:35, 27737, s
10-Feb-1956 3 Storm by George Stewart William Conrad as narrator
Helene Burton, Chet Stratton, Herb Butterfield, Byron
Kane, Harry Bottell, Tony Barrett, Barney Philips,
Frank Gerstle,
music by Jerry Goldsmith
adapted and directed by William N. Robson
28:17, 3316, M
17-Feb-1956 4 Season Of Disbelief /
Hail And Farewell by Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury as narrator
Virginia Gregg, John Vender, Mary Richmond, Herb
Butterfield, Richard Biehls, Stacy Harris, Vivie Janice,
Lawrence Tomkin, Paula Winslow, Roy Glenn, Billy
Chafen, Peggy Wimmer
music by Jerry Goldsmith
adapted and directed by Antony Ellis
29:15, 6860, M
24-Feb-1956 5 Colloquy #1 -
An Interview with Shakespeare
by William N. Robson
Ben Wright, Hans Conried, Ramsey Hill, Jay Novello,
William Conrad
Frank Baxter, USC
produced and directed by William Froug
29:28, 6910, M
02-Mar-1956 6 Voice Of The City Clifton Fadiman as narrator
recorded by Tony Schwartz
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
29:52, 7003, M
09-Mar-1956 7 Report On E.S.P. narrated by John McIntyre
Lucille Meredith, Lillian Buyeff, Don Diamond,
Lawrence Tomkin, Russell Thorson, Stacy Harris,
Robert Ballon, Boris Lewis, Sam Edwards, Raymond
Burr, Bert Holland
music by Amerigo Moreno
research and script by Leonard Sinclair
directed by Jack Johnstone
produced by William Froug
29:00, 6766, M
16-Mar-1956 8 Cops And Robbers
by Stanley Ness
[Larry Haines, Ken Lynch, Elspeth Eric, John Sylvester]
no ending, no credits
21:41, 3812, M
no ending,
no credits
23-Mar-1956 9 The Legend Of Jimmy Blue Eyes
by Edmund Brophy
William Conrad as narrator
Jimmy Dodd, Roy Glynn, Georgia Ellis, Sam Edwards,
Lou Merrill, Nan Boardman, Jack Moyles, Tony Barrett
music by Ray Noble
adapted and directed by Sam Pierce
produced by William Froug
29:55, 7016, M
30-Mar-1956 10 The Ex-Urbanites
by A.C. Spectorsky
Eric Severeid as narrator
John Larkin, Jan Miner, Joe Helgeson
music by Ben Ludlow
prepared by Charles S. Monroe
directed by Paul Roberts
27:41, 6491, M
06-Apr-1956 11 Speaking Of Cinderella –
If The Shoe Fits by E. Vaida
Vincent Price, Lurene Tuttle, Virginia Gregg,
Jeanette Nolan, Louise Otta, Jeanne Bates, Vic
Perrin, Irene Tedrow, Sam Edwards, Harry Bartell,
Peter Leeds, Jack Kruschen, Byron King
music by Jeff Alexander
directed by Don Clark
produced by William Froug
27:33, 6390, M
13-Apr-1956 12 Jacobs Hands
by Aldous Huxley
and Chrisopher Isherwood
introduced by Christopher Isherwood
[Raymond Massey, Herb Butterfield, Helen Kleeb,
Vic Perrin, Lawrence Dobkin, Janet Stewart]
intro only
0:58, 172, M
20-Apr-1956 13 Living Portrait -
William Zeckendorf, Tycoon
written and presented by Martin Weldon
announced by Bob Hite
produced by Paul Roberts
29:06, 6790, M
27-Apr-1956 14 The Record Collectors
by William Woodson
Lyn Murray, Margaret Whiting, Margaret Young,
John Dehner, Howard McNear, Lou Hoston
produced and directed by William Froug                           
28:33, 6693, M
04-May-1956 15 The Toledo War
libretto by Edward Eager
Arthur Newman, Jean Hanslick, Lois Winter,
Shirley Emmons, Peyton Higginson, Mike Pollack,
John Wilson, Jack Brown, Bill Merino
music by David Brookman
produced by Paul Roberts
30:10, 7071, M
11-May-1956 16 The Enormous Radio
based on a story by John Cheever
William Conrad as narrator
[Helen Kleeb, Charlotte Lawrence, Hans Conried,
Virginia Gregg, Irene Tedrow, Eve McVey,
George Walsh]
19:13, 4505, M
no ending,
no credits
18-May-1956 17 Lover, Villains, And Fools Helen Hayes, Jack Manning, Dick Vyah, Barbar Joyce,
Joe Warren, Terry Clark, Douglas Gordon, Betty Allen,
Arthur Anderson
narration by Albert Miller
music by Alexander Steinert
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
30:41, 7195, M
25-May-1956 18 The Little Prince
by Antoine de St Exupre
Richard Beals, Raymond Burr, Ben Wright, Joseph
Kearns, Hans Conried
adapted by Frank Darcy
produced and directed by Anthony Ellis
29:54, 7010, M
01-Jun-1956 19 A Matter Of Logic by Anthony Ellis William Conrad, Anthony Ellis, Stacy Harris, Mary
Jane Croft, Hugh Douglas, Parley Baer, Red
McKay, Ben Wright, Robert Chadwick, Bill James
written, produced and directed by Anthony Ellis
30:14, 7087, M
08-Jun-1956 20 Bring On The Angels - H.L. Mencken
by Alan Sloane
Louis Van Rooten, Mason Adams, Ed Prentiss,
Ethyl Owen, Daniel Oko, Jackson Beck, Walter
Kinsella, John Gibson, Joe Helgerson, Ian Martin
music by Ben Ludlow
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
28:36, 6704, M
15-Jun-1956 21 The Stronger
libretto by August Stridberg
music by Hugo Weisgall
Adelaide Bishop
produced by Paul Roberts
28:59, 6795, M
22-Jun-1956 22 Another Point Of View or
Hamlet Revisited
by Ben Wright and William Conrad
Ben Wright, William Conrad, John McIntire,
Jeanette Nolan, Sammy Hill, Fred McKay
music by Jerry Goldsmith
directed by William Conrad
produced by Anthony Ellis
29:09, 6835, M
29-Jun-1956 23 The Eternal Joan
by Henry E. Fritch
narrated by Louis Kronenberger
Elspeth Erick, Alan Hewitt, Jack Manning, John
Gibson, Daniel Oko, Robert Dryden, Luis Van
Rooten, Roger DeKoven, Ed Prentiss, Guy Repp,
Ellen Muir, Gladys Holland, Ruth Tobin                          
music by Alexander Steinert
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
30:25, 7130, M
06-Jul-1956 24 Portrait Of Paris
by David Schoenbrun
David Schoenbrun
produced by William N. Robson
30:03, 7045, M
13-Jul-1956 25 The Case Of The White Kitten
by George Foster
Audrey Christie, Kenny Delmar, Barry Kroeger,
Ed Latimer, Harley Blackburn, Don Briggs, Lynne
Loring, Bill Smith, Frank Delano, Mason Adams
music by Charles Ball
directed by Ira Ashley
31:33, 7398, M
20-Jul-1956 26 Portrait Of London Sarah Churchill
produced by William N. Robson
29:08, 7045, M
27-Jul-1956 27 Star Boy by Henry Fritch Elspeth Erick, Louis Van Rooten, Joe Helgerson,
Tom Ellis, Cliff Hall, Elaine Ross, Peggy Allenby,
Mel Harrison, Ray Brown, Ruth Tobin
music by Alexander Steinert
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
30:00, 7034, M
04-Aug-1956 28 Subways Are For Sleeping
by Edmond G. Love
Byron Kane, William Keneally, Sarah Selby,
Elaine Buke, Edwin Bruce, Fran Gerstle, Kurt
Volkenberg, Tony Barrett, Ted Bliss, Alan Reith
adapted by Fran van Hartesfeld
music by Fred Steiner
directed and produced by William N. Robson
30:01, 7038, M
11-Aug-1956 29 Only Johnny Knows
by Joanna Johnston
Joseph Julian, Catherine Anderson, Jackson
Beck, Mary Patton, Ian Martin, Sarah Fussell,
Joe Helgerson, Ed Prentiss, Lawson Zerbe,
Mel Harrison, Ed Malone, Ruth Tobin
music by Charles Paul
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
29:35, 6935, M
17-Aug-1956 30 Colloquy #2 - Dissertation On Love
by William N. Robson and
Jess Goldstein
Frank Baxter as narrator
Ben Wright, Shephard Menken, Ramsey Hill, Peter
Leeds, Ann Samio
directed by Sam Pierce
produced by William N. Robson
29:37, 6944, M
24-Aug-1956 31 The Billion Dollar Failure
Of Figger Faulup
by Henry Fritch
Joseph Julian, Robert Dryden, Elaine Rost
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
29:30, 6915, M
31-Aug-1956 32 Colloquy #3 - An Analysis Of Satire Stan Freeberg, June Foray, Dawes Butler, Sam
Pierce, Larry Thor, Farley Bair, Alan Reed,
Phil Thompson
music by Lynne Murray
directed and produced by William N. Robson
29:20, 5158, M
07-Sep-1956 33 The Hither & Thither Of
Danny Dither
libretto by Jeremy Gurey
music by Alex North
Bobby Alford, Lynne Loring,
adapted by Draper Lewis
produced by Paul Roberts
29:21, 6881, M
14-Sep-1956 34 A Pride Of Carrots Or Venus
Well Served
by Robert Nathan
Robert Nathan as narrator, director and adapter
Elaine Burke, June Foray, Tracy Roberts, Dawes
Butler, Ted Bliss, Richard Hale, Alan Reed, Sam
Pierce, Bill Thompson
music by Jerry Goldsmith
produced by William N. Robson
28:49, 5067, M
21-Sep-1956 35 The Oedipus Story
by Henry Fritch
Alexander Scourby as narrator
Elspeth Eric, Peggy Allenby, Jack Manning,
Roger DeKoven, Ivor Francis, Robert MacQueenie,
Guy Repp, Mel Harrison, Mark Leonard, Robert
Dryden, Bobby Alford, Joann Farmer, Joseph Julian,
Ruth Tobin, Joseph Warren
music by Alexander Steinert
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
29:21, 6881, M
28-Sep-1956 -- no program, pre-empted

05-Oct-1956 36 Roughing It
(written by Mark Twain)
by Francis Van Hartisfel
Louis Van Rooten, DJ Thompson, Eddie Mart,
Dawes Butler, Peter Leeds, Howard McNear,
Jack Kruschen, Al Perry, Julius Matthews
music by Amerigo Moreno
produced by William N. Robson
31:04, 7284, M
12-Oct-1956 37 A Writer At Work
by Hector Chevigny
Hector Chevigny, Jan Miner, Ethyl Owens,
Dwight Wees, Alice Frost, Larry Haines, Larry
Robinson, Lynne Loring, Sarah Fussel, Eleanor Long
Music by Ben Ludlow
directed by Sam Davis
produced by Paul Roberts
29:57, 7022, M
19-Oct-1956 38 The Legend Of Annie Christmas
by Edmund Brophy
William Conrad as narrator 26:12, 6144, M
no ending,
no credits
26-Oct-1956 39 When The Mountain Fell
by C.F. Raneuse
Barry Kroeger, Augusta Dabney, Joe Halvorson,
Jackson Beck, Peggy Allenby, Alice Yourman,
Joseph Julian, Abby Lewis, John Gibson, Ivor
Francis, Joseph Bulland, Ruth Tobin
adapted by Draper Lewis
music by Lawrence Rosenthal
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
29:35, 6938, M
02-Nov-1956 40 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue --
Biography Of The White House
by George Faulkner
Allen Jackson as narrator
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
30:53, 7240, M
poor sound
41 Colloquy #4 - Joe Miller's Joke Book Frank Baxter, Virginia Gregg, Joseph Kerns,
Peter Leeds, Ben Wright, Dawes Butler,
Howard McNear, Jay Novello, Joe Forte
written and directed by Paul Franklin
produced by William N. Robson
24:17, 5692, M
11-Nov-1956 42 Report Of The We-Uns
by Robert Nathan
June Foray, Byron Kane, Dawes Butler,
Edgar Barrier, Jay Novello, Joseph Kerns,
Joe diSantis, Hans Conried
adapted by William N. Robson and
Francis Van Hartisfel
directed and produced by William N. Robson
25:10, 5874, M
18-Nov-1956 43 Sounds Of The Nation
by Henry Fritch
Luis Van Rooten, Leon Janney, Ruth Tobin,
Ralph Bell, Millicent Brower, Herm Dinkens,
Rolly Bester, Joe Helgerson
music by Alexander Steinert
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
24:43, 5794, M
poor sound
25-Nov-1956 44 The King Of The Cats
by Steven Vincent Benet
Byron Kane, Jeanette Nolan, Ellen Cleave,
Peggy Roberts, Joseph Kearns, Jay Novello
music by Amerigo Moreno
adapted, directed and produced by
William N. Robson
24:28, 5738, M
02-Dec-1956 45 The Day The Roof Fell In
by Charles Monroe
Barry Kroeger, Joe Helgerson, Elspeth Eric,
Jackson Beck, Ralph Bell, Leon Janney, Elaine
Ross, Joseph Julian
music by Ben Ludlow
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
26:35, 6234, M
09-Dec-1956 46 I Was The Duke William Kenealey as narrator
produced by William N. Robson
27:22, 6417, M
16-Dec-1956 47 The Big Event
by Gloria Dapper and
Draper Lewis
William Redfield, Ralph Bell, Ethyl Owen,
Roger DeKoven, Elaine Ross, Iwor Francis,
Herm Dinkens, Ruby Deith
music by Ben Ludlow
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
25:26, 5963, M
23-Dec-1956 48 All Is Bright by Henry Fritch Rudolf Weiss, Joe Julian, Herm Dinkens
music by Alexander Steinert
25:25, 5960, M

06-Jan-1957 49 Carl Sandburg On His 79th Birthday

13-Jan-1957 50 No Time For Heartaches
by Sam Pierce
Sophie Tucker, Margaret Whiting, Norma Jean
Neilson, Hans Conried, Daws Butler, June Foray,
Jay Novello, Amanda Randolf, Roy Glenn,
Byron Kane
music by Paul Barrett
written and directed by Sam Pierce
produced by William N. Robson
24:49, 5819, M
20-Jan-1957 51 Disaster! Fire At Malibu William Conrad, Norma Jean Neilson, Kurt
Falkenberg, Larry Thor, James Nusser,
Barney Phillips, Joe diSantis, Lou Krugman,
Sam Pierce
Music by Lynn Murray
written and directed and produced by
William N. Robson
25:25, 5961, M
27-Jan-1957 52 The Crazy Life by David Cox Henry Morgan, Elspeth Eric, Bryna Raeburn,
Agnes Young, Madeleine Pierce, Luis Van
Rooten, Santos Ortega, Carl Frank,
Larry Haines
music by Nelson Kaye
directed by Ira Ashley
produced by Paul Roberts
25:37, 6008, M
03-Feb-1957 53 La Grande Breteche
by Avery Klaffland
based on Balzac
libretto by George R Mills
Patricia Brinton, Richard Owens,
produced by Paul Roberts
25:30, 5980, M
10-Feb-1957 54 1489 Words from
Alfred Noyes, Elizabeth Barrett,
Thomas Wolfe 
William Conrad
music by Jerry Goldsmith
directed by William Conrad
produced by William N. Robson
24:51, 5828, M
Space Merchants
by Frederick Pohl
and C M Kornbluth,
Parts 1 and 2
Staats Cottsworth, Virginia Kaye, Robert
Dryden, Ed Prentice, Mary Patton, Robert
Readick, Joe Julian, Ralph Bell, Ian Martin,
Joe Helgerson, Ralph Camargo, Leon Janney,
Joseph Bolland, Jackson Beck
music by Samuel Matlowsky
adapted by Charles Monroe
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
23:55, 8412, M
23:51, 8388, M
03-Mar-1957 57 Ballad Of The Iron Horse
by Charles B. Smith
The Mellowmen
William Conrad narrator
Joan Banks, Dick Crenna, Joe diSantis, John
Dehner, Jack Moyles, Daws Butler
music by Fred Steiner
produced by William N. Robson
25:04, 5877, M
10-Mar-1957 58 Air Raid by Archibald McLeish
a.k.a. Air Raid Or The
Prevarications Of Mr. Peeps
Frank Goss, Ben Wright, Lureen Tuttle,
Virginia Gregg, Sherry Mitchell, Helen Morgan,
Norma Jean Neilson, Anne Whitfield, Betty
Noyes, John Dehner, Richard Beals,
Shepard Menken
produced by William N. Robson
23:19, 5466, M
17-Mar-1957 59 The Endless Road
by Henry Fritch
Ralph Bell, Bert Kenton, Robert Dryden,
Leslie Scott, Ruby Dee, Simeon A Benjamin,
Maurice Ellis, Ralph Camargo, Ronald Dawson,
Guy Repp, Francis Foster, Dan Ocko, Richard
Shepherd, Ross leBrown, Jeannine Jabow,
Piney Burroughs
music by Charles Paul
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
23:18, 5463, M
24-Mar-1957 60 The Harmonica Solo
by Arthur Zgorous
Joe diSantis, John Dehner, Shepard Menken,
Lou Krugman
music by Leo Diamond
produced by William N. Robson
24:25, 5725, M
31-Mar-1957 61 A Dog's Life by Elliot Ruskin Ralph Bell, Tony Schwartz
produced by Paul Roberts
25:02, 5869, M
07-Apr-1957 62 Japanese Drama
by Harvey Marlowe
William Conrad, John Dehner, Hans Conried,
Virginia Gregg, Berry Quinn, Ben Wright, Joe
diSantis, Florence Baxter, Henry Blair,
David Frankham
adapted, produced and directed by
Harvey Marlowe
24:26, 5731, M
14-Apr-1957 63 Carlotta's Serape by Rose Oriente Elspeth Eric, Luis Van Rooten, Staats
Cotsworth, Vera Allen
music by Lawrence Rosenthau
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
24:18, 5698, M
21-Apr-1957 64 The Son Of Man - A Passion Play
by Archibald Macleish
Herbert Marshall, Robert Young, Victor Jory,
Vincent Price, Raymond Burr
produced and directed by William N. Robson      
25:47, 6045, M
28-Apr-1957 65 Light Ship by Draper Lewis Luis Van Rooten, Ian Martin, Joe Helgerson,
Herman Vigan, Wayne Nelson, Dan Ocko,
Walter Black, Ralph Bell, Santos Ortega
music by Alexander Samler
directed by Dick Keeler
24:04, 5644, M
05-May-1957 66 Nightmare by Elliott Lewis introduced by Elliott Lewis
Mary Jane Croft, Edgar Barrier, Paula Winslowe,
Herb Butterfield, Barney Phillips
music by Fred Steiner
produced and directed by Elliott Lewis
25:02, 5871, M
12-May-1957 67 The Long Way Home
by Henry Fritch
William Redfield, Dan Ocko, Terry Keene,
Robert Dryden, Joseph Julian, Roger DeKoven,
Nat Poulan, Leon Janney, Guy Repp,
Wendell Holmes, Jack Arthur, Ruth Tobin
music by Alexander Steinert
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
23:21, 6842, M
19-May-1957 68 Heaven Is In The Sky Frank Goss
26-May-1957 69 I Have Three Heads
by Mort Goldberg
Jackson Beck, Ian Martin, Bill Quinn, Ralph Bell
written by Charles S Monroe
directed by Ira Hashley
24:43, 5794, M
02-Jun-1957 70 Epitaphs from the Spoon River
Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters
William Conrad as narrator
Gillian Baez, Virginia Christine, Virignia Gregg,
Sammy Hill, Vivie Janice, Jeanette Nolan,
Lurene Tuttle, Parley Baer, Richard Crenna,
John Dehner, Roy Glenn, John McIntire,
Howard McNear, John Stevenson                             
music by Wolfgang Frankl
directed by William Conrad
produced by William N. Robson
24:49, 5821, M
09-Jun-1957 71 The Seven Hills by Henry Fritch Ernest Graves, Lesley Woods, Luis Van Rooten,
Leon Janney, Dan Ocko, Ralph Camargo, Dick
Shepherd, Bob O'Connor, Guy Repp, Robert
Dryden, Joe Helgerson
music by Alfredo Antonini
produced and directed by Paul Roberts
24:57, 5850, M
16-Jun-1957 72 Housing Problem by Henry Kuttner Shirley Mitchell, Shepard Menken, Daws Butler
adapted by Sam Pierce
music by Leo Diamond
24:55, 5843, M
23-Jun-1957 73 Meditations On Ecclesiastes
composed by Norman Dello Joio
Edward R. Morrow
Rabbi Theodore L Adams, Dr Oswald Hoffman,
Senator John F. Kennedy, Fr. Lawrence J McGinley
conducted by Alfredo Antonini
produced by Dee Englebach
23:51, 4194, M
30-Jun-1957 74 Gettysburg by Leroy Bannerman John Dehner, Ellen Morgan, Marty Phillips,
Joseph Kearns, Byron Kane, Ted diCorsia,
Daws Butler, Raymond Burr, Ed Jerome,
Howard McNear
music by Leif Stevens
25:31, 5985, M
07-Jul-1957 75 You Could Look It Up
by James Thurber
Ralph Bell, Sarah Fussell, Larry Haines, Harold
Huber, Joseph Julian, David Kirman, Del Sharbutt
music by Richard Heyman
written, produced and directed by Dee Englebach
24:01, 5633, M
14-Jul-1957 76 The Silent Witness by John Train Raymond Burr 22:00, 3870, M
21-Jul-1957 77 The Green Hills Of Earth
by Robert Heinlein
Everett Sloane, Berry Kroeger, Jackson Beck,
Dan Ocko, Ian Martin, Louis Boltzman, Jill Lindner
adapted by Draper Lewis
produced and directed by Dee Englebach
21:31, 5045, M
28-Jul-1957 78 Never Bet The Devil Your Head
by Edgar Allen Poe
John Dehner, Eleanor Audley, Leon Ledeu,
Daws Butler, Richard Beals, Howard McNear
Music by Amerigo Merino
adapted by Alan Botzer
directed by Jack Johnstone
26:26, 6196, M
04-Aug-1957 79 The Heart Of Man
by Richard Durham
Martin Blaine, Berry Kroeger, Luis Van Rooten,
Ralph Camargo, Guy Repp, Bill Mason, Joanna
March, Lester Fletcher, Dan Ocko, Inga Jowis
produced and directed by Dee Englebach
21:01, 4929, M
11-Aug-1957 80 Malihini Magic by Sam Pierce Lurene Tuttle, Lillian Buyeff, Virginia Gregg,
Joe DiSantis, Jack Kruschen, Ben Wright,
Sam Pierce
Music by Amerigo Merino
produced by William N. Robson
24:14, 4261, M
18-Aug-1957 81 The Celestial Omnibus
by E.M. Forester
Peter Lazer, Deidre Owen, Lissa McLeod,
Bill Woodson, Lee Vines, Gerald Teitel,
Luis Van Rooten, Gregory Morton
music by Edward Vito
adapted by Richard Chappick
produced and directed by Dee Englebach
23:59, 5624, M
25-Aug-1957 82 Sweet Cherries In Charleston
by Richard Durham
Roy Glenn, Ted diCorsi, Abby Schubert, Scott
Codsworth, Ed Marr, Paul Frees, Corny
Anderson, Parley Baer, Harry Bartell
Music by Amerigo Merino
25:21, 5942, M
01-Sep-1957 83 Grief Drives A Black Sedan Alice Frost, Lee Vines, Ralph Bell, Bill Mason,
Larry Haines, Jay Johnson
written, produced and directed by Dee Englebach
25:16, 5926, M
08-Sep-1957 84 People Are No Good by
Joyce and Ferde Grofe, jr
Joe DiSantis, John Dehner, Shirley Mitchell,
Jack Kruschen, Peter Leeds
Music by Amerigo Merino
written, produced and directed by
William N. Robson
23:54, 5605, M
15-Sep-1957 85 Time Found Again
by Mildred Kramm
Jan Miner, Dwight Weist, Ted Osborne
dramatized by David E Durston
23:51, 5592, M
22-Sep-1957 86 Young Man Axelbrod -
An Old Man At Yale
by Sinclair Lewis
John Hoit, Carl Swenson, John Dehner, Dick
Crenna, Jackie Kelk, Ben Wright, Frank Macdonald
dramatized, directed and produced by
William N. Robson
24:35, 5762, M

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters