CBC Mystery Theater
CBC Mystery Project

Last Edited: 24-Jan-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

CBC anthology show, 1966-1968. Broadcast dates and sequence are uncertain

Date Title Cast Parameters
Dec. 1966
The Noble Bachelor
Robert Clothier, Roy Brinson, Roland Hunter, Edward Greenhalt,
Linda Sorenson
adapted by Arthur Lowy

directed by Don Mowatt

29:02, 68-8, m
Double Strip
by Otto Lowy
Edward Greenhalt, Sam Paine, John White, Terence Kelly,
Ava Maria Terran
directed by Don Mowatt
26:38, 9365, M
The Duel
by Alexandre Dumas
Robert Clothier, Linda Sorenson, Derek Ralston, Roy Brinson,
Bill Buckigham, James Johnston, William Buck, Eric Schneider
adapted by Howard Griffin
directed by Don Mowatt
29:53, 7003, M
The Hitchhiker
by Alan King
John Vernon, Cic Linder, Frank Perry, Hugh Watson, Beth
Locherby, Tom Harvey, Jack Craley, Alan Doremus
26:23, 6182, M
The Mines of Falun
by E.T.A. Hoffmann
Bruce Armstrong, Joseph Rutten, Bill Fulton, Maureen Fitzgerald
Adapted by Gavin Douglas
Produced by Peter Donkin
26:46, 9412, M
The Sandman
by E.T.A. Hoffman
David Renton, Faith Ward, Bruce Armstrong, Joseph Rutten,
Gavin Douglas
Adapted by Gavin Douglas
Produced by Peter Donkin
27:20, 9612, M
The Cable Car Incident
by Frederick Spoerly
Warren Wilson, John Sullivan, Anthony Brown, Jack Craley,
Beth Locherby
26:56, 6312, M
A Perfectly Happy Life
by Ted Ferguson
Michael Caine, Judith Hildeman, Jorge Rodriguez, Tony McKay,
Ned Conlon, Eileen Clifford
produced by Earl Pennington
30:07, 10590, M
Dr Heidegger's Experiment
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Dan MacDonald, Bill Fulton, Faith Ward, Bruce Armstrong
adapted by Roger Crowner

Produced and directed by Peter Donkin
29:19, 10308, M
The  Monkey's Paw
by W W Jacobs
Cosette Lee, Alan King, Jim Bradford, Glynn Morris, Gillie Finick
adapted by John Bethune
produced and directed by Gene Bartells
27:23, 6420, M
Mr Higginbottom's Catastrophe
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Dan MacDonald, John Fulton, Bruce Armstrong, Bill Fulton,
Don Myers, Laura Montgomery, George Bligh, Walter Horton
adapted by Roger Crowther

Produced and directed by Peter Donkin
29:21, 10317, M
The Signal Man
by Charles Dickens
Henry Comer, William Ohsler, Glynn Morris
adapted by George Silverson

produced and directed by Gene Bartells
29:22, 10325, M
The Strange History of David Swann
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Bill Fulton, Faith Ward, Bruce Armstrong, Dan MacDonald, Laura
Montgomery, John Fulton, Walter Horton
adapted by Roger Crowther

Produced and directed by Peter Donkin
29:38, 10416, M

CBC Mystery Project
CBC anthology show, 1992-2002
Date Title Cast Parameters
26-Feb-2000 to
Recipe for Murder by Don Druick
  1. A Sweet Death
  2. Buzzzzzzzz
  3. Fugu
  4. The Ghost of Ms B.

  5. It Tastes Like Pork
  6. The Cordon Blues
  7. The Food Chain

  1. 30:04, 7052, m
  2. 31:33, 7393, m
  3. 27:42, 6494, m
  4. 30:17, 7097, m
The Investigations of Quentin Nickles
  1. Murder on the CPR
  2. The Iceman
  3. The Mystery of the Seawitch
  4. The Saddle Bags Mystery
  5. Deadman's Plot
  6. Murder in the Museum
  7. The Keeper of the Castle
  8. The Case of the
    Missing Mourner
  9. A Family Affair
  10. A Premonition of Death
  11. Overnight at the
    Wickenmoore Inn
  12. The Red Silk Mystery
  13. The Niagara Gorge Mystery

  1. 29:03, 6809, M
  2. 27:22, 9620, M
  3. 25:45, 9053, M
  4. 27:57, 9829, M
  5. 27:59, 6561, M
  6. 27:59, 9839, M
  7. --
  8. 27:41, 9731, M
  9. --
  10. --
  11. --
  12. 25:43, 8831, M
  13. 27:58, 9855, M

Compensating Error
by R. D. Wingfield
Deryck Guyler, George Benson, Alan Donner,
Produced by Glyn Dearman
27:59, 9719, m
27:59, 9694, m
Net Suicide (Fear on Four)
by Stephen Wyatt
Gerard McDermott, Tracy-Ann Oberman, David Brooks,
John Rowe
produced by David Hunter
27:58, 9322, m
The Cat & Mouse Game
by R. D. Wingfield
Hugh Burden, Michael Kilgarriff, Jill Shilling, Wilfrid Carter,
Douglas Blackwell, Sheila Grant, Leslie Heritage,
Nigel Havers
Produced by David H. Godfrey
26:35, 9318, m
27:59, 9686, m
Dead Drop by Max Marquis
Patricia Gallimore, Nigel Anthony, Eric Lander, Douglas
Blackwell, Ingrid Bower, David Garth, Robin Browne,
Edward Kelsey, Martin Matthews, Sean Barrett,
Jo Manning Wilson

Unknown: Christopher Venning
27:57, 9274, m
27:59, 9464, m

Documentaries and Collateral Material
Date Title Cast Parameters