Byrnes, Frances

Last Edited: 16-Mar-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

See also White Snow
Date Title Cast Parameters
August Birthdays Lucy Warren, Caroline Small, Gillian Wall, Sue Kelley,
Geoffrey Wilkinson, Olwyn Main, Rita Main, Hayley Hunt
Piano by Heidi Rolfe
Directed by Gary Brown
44:00, 41261, S
30-Mar-2007 Martha's Metamorphosis Sarah Smart, Stephanie Cole, Morgan Hopkin, Jamie Ballard,
Britta Gartner, Sara McGaughey, Richard Nicolls
Producer/director Kate McAll
56:42, 53165, S
02-Oct-2007 Man of Steel Don Wycherley, Polly Hemmingway, Lindsey Fawcett, Brendan
Charleson, Richard Nicholls, Matt Green
Directed by Kate McAll
44:02, 41283, S
22-May-2008 An Unchoreographed World Sophie Jerrold, Richard McCabe, Kate Littlewood,
Oliver Millingham
Directed by Mark Smalley
43:22, 40658, S
28-Jul-2008 Goldengrove Jill Balcon, Jessica Jolleys, Siriol Jenkins, Beccy Alexander,
Brendan Charleson
Producer/director Kate McAll
44:08, 41380, S
27-Apr-2010 Mercy Carl Prekopp, Siriol Jenkins, Richard Mitchley, Muzz Khan,
Gareth Pierce
directed by Kate McAll
43:50, 41104, S
13-Aug-2011 Belle Amie Jonathan Slinger, Emma Fielding, Sarah Ovens, Nicki Rainsford,
Rhys ap Howell, Rhiannon Oliver
directed by Polly Thomas
56:36, 52952, S
30-Mar-2013 Shane
from the novel by Jack Shaefer
Joshua Stamberg, Jennifer Westfeldt, Jeff Mash, Finley Jacobsen,
Gordon Clapp, Rod McLachlan
adapted by Frances Byrnes
Recorded by Mark Holden
Post production by Nigel Lewis
With music by Fernando Macias-Jimenez
Produced and Directed by Kate McAll
56:42, 53152, S
Just Dance
John Heffernan, Wyllie Longmore, Alexandra Mathie, Carla Henry,
Akeim Toussaint Buck
Producer/director: Polly Thomas
43:47, 40974, S
Is Your Love Better than Life? Don Gilet, David Annen, Mariah Gale, Adam Rojko, Effie Woods
Director Polly Thomas
86:42, 81107, S

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