Bradley, Jyll

Last Edited: 27-Mar-2019
A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

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01-Apr-2002 to

07-Mar-2005 to
Just Plain Gardening
  1. Four Budding Gardeners
  2. Violet Nips Trouble in the Bud
  3. You Can't Plant Daffodils on
    Tiptoe, Clover
  4. Iris Discovers Her Roots
  5. Sorrel's Secret Garden

  6. The Pest
  7. People in Glasshouses
  8. The Schools Inspector
  9. Strawberry Fare

Sandra Clark, Helen Longworth, Carl Prekopp, Patrick Barlow,
Celia Imrle, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Rosie Cavaliero, Matilda Ziegler,
Beth Chalmers, Ann Beach, Rachel Atkins
Song sung by the Farlington School Choir
Director Jonquil Panting

Patrick Barlow, Sophie Thompson, Naomi Radcliffe, Emma
Kennedy, Emily Wachter, Susan Jameson, Robert Hastie,
Hugh Dickson,
Alex Tregear, Carolyn Jones, Anna Chancellor,
Nicholas Boulton, Jason Chan, Arturo Veneqas

13:47, 3232, m
13:37, 3195, m
13:36, 3189, m
13:34, 3181, m
13:59, 3278, m

28:11, 26431, S
28:11, 26425, S
28:17, 26539, S
27:54, 26165, S
Before Beeton -
the Eliza Acton Story

Clarissa Dickson Wright, Sara Freeman, Delia Smith, Marcia
Warren, Liza Sadovy, Ben Crowe, Gemma Saunders
Producer/director Jonquil Panting
43:37, 56697, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
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