Bennett, Arnold

Last Edited: 26-Mar-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Publ. 1908
Buried Alive
David King. Jane Hilton, David March, Jane Freeman,
Paul Chapman, Anthony Woodruff, Simon Carter, Philip Garston-Jones,
George Woolley, Frank Morley, Gabrielle Laye, Ursula O'Leary,
Drew Griffiths, John Rowe
dramatised by James Duckett
Produced by Anthony Cornish
86:55, 50939, M
13-Feb-1980 to
Lord Raingo Leslie Sands, Peter Sallis, Reginald Marsh, Susan Jameson,
Kenneth Cope, Jane Thompson, Nella Fenton, Sandra Freeman,
David Griffin, Bryan Haines, Graham Hawker, Michael Cochrane,
Peter Baldwin, Jack May, Heather Bell, Godfrey Kenton, Petra Davis
Written by Arnold Bennett
Directed by Derek Hoddinott
Dramatised by Alan James
46:41, 10943, M
45:13, 10599, M
45:24, 10643, M
45:17, 10618, M
Death, Fire And Life Roger Hume, Terry Maloy, Joyce Gibbs, Headley Niclo, Kim Durham,
Andy Hockley, David Lerner, Simon Cotter, Pauline Corey, Marion
Kemmer, Susan Jeffrey,
Dramatised by Peter Mackie
Directed by Philip Martin
42:32, 9972, M
Publ. 1924
Elsie and The Child
Victoria Finney, Alice French, Marielle Schofield, Peter Linford,
Neil Sweatman, Ruby Baskerville, Jerry Hinks
dramatised and
44:13, 41467, S
Publ. ?
The Limits of Dominion
Stefan Escrit, Rachel Smith, Eve Steele, Susie Hawthorne,
John Jardeen, Mark Goodall, Jerry Hinks
dramatised by Elizabeth Baines
directed by Michael Fox
43:26, 25561, S
Publ. ?
The Fish Gabrielle Drake, Nick Caldecott, Joanna Swain, Russell Dixon,
Elaine Claxton, David Fleschman, Cliff Howells, Jerry Hinks
dramatised by Dominic Power
directed by Michael Fox
44:21, 51584, S
Publ. ?
Mr Jack Hollins Against Fate
Gordon Landford-Rowe, Alison Darling, Simon Currie, Geoffrey Banks,
Will Tracy, Jerry Hinks
dramatised by Don Haworth
directed by Michael Fox
43:56, 51493, S
Publ. ?
Last Love
Marielle Schofield, Tristan Gannon, Ellie Bevan, Cliff Howells,
Jerry Hinks
dramatised by Ted Moore
directed by Michael Fox
43:56, 51490, S
Publ. 1908
19-Jan-2004 to
The Old Wives' Tale
Lydia Leonard, Declan Wilson, Frances Jeater, Tom Smith,
Gillian Kearney, Marcia Warren, Jim Pyke, Andrew Harrison,
Chris Moran, Rachel Atkins, Nicholas Boulton, John Rowe,
Jaimi Barbakoff, Carl Prekopp, Stephen Critchlow, Ian Dunn,
Barbara Marten, Katy Cavanagh, Penelope Wilton
The Narrator: Philip Jackson
Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt
directed by Claire Grove
omnibus editions
67:57, 31847, S
67:22, 31582, S
68:03, 31901, S
Publ. 1910
The Card

1. A Hatbox Full of Sovereigns
2. Cheering Us All Up
Ron Cook, Elizabeth Spriggs, William Ash, Philip Jackson, Jasmine
Hyde, Matthew Morgan, Tilly Gaunt, Robin Weaver, Daniel Weyman,
Linda Broughton, David Shaw-Parker
dramatised by Jennifer Howarth
Director Marilyn Imrie
57:07, 53558, S
57:06, 53533, S
Publ. 1902
The Grand Babylon Hotel
John Sessions, Matti Houghton, Joe Kloska, Richard Katz,
Fenella Woolgar, Stephen Greif, Gunnar Cauthery, Jill Cardo,
Inam Mirza, Stephen Critchlow, Jonathan Tafler, Malcolm
Tierney, Chris Pavlo
dramatised by Chris Harrald
Producer Steven Canny
57:19, 53740, S
57:08, 53574, S
Publ. 1923
Riceyman Steps
Read by Robert Powell
abridged and produced by Jill Waters
13:29, 12654, S
13:44, 12881, S
13:45, 12965, S
13:53, 13026, S
13:46, 12914, S
13:53, 13027, S
13:55, 13058, S
13:55, 13052, S
13:54, 13034, S
13:59, 13118, S
Publ. 1902
Anna of the Five Towns
Charlotte Riley, David Schofield, Emilia Harker, Michael Socha,
James Masters, Lee Williams, Rosina Carbone. Olwen May,
Andrew Westfield, Jacqueline Redgwell
dramatised by Helen Edmundson
Directed by Nadia Molinari
57:24, 53816, S
57:01, 53456, S

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