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Last Edited: 03-Mar-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

Date Title Cast Parameters
The Clue of the Silver Spoons
Tim Pigott-Smith, Rupert Vansittart, David Seddon, Joanna
Monro, Liza Sadovy, Michael Bertenshaw, Michael Watson,
Sean Murray
Dramatised By Chris Harrald
Producer: Liz Webb
27:39, 25876, S
29-April-2014 to
Galbraith and the King of Diamonds
  1. Enter a Frightened Lady
  2. Dutch Treat
  3. Fear Is the Key
  4. The £7,000,000 Touch
  5. Appointment in Zurich
  6. The Last Move
Bernard Hepton, Richard Davis, Peter Dynley, Bruce Alexander,
Katherine Page, Hector Ross, Eva Haddon, Tom Watson,
Cyril Schaps, Trader Faulkner, Peter Williams, Stephen Greif,
Frances Jeater, Peter Hawkins, Robert Gillespie
produced by John Browell
44:35, 41722, S
44:14, 41396, S
43:41, 41716, S
43:50, 41860, S
43:52, 41875, S
45:01, 42125, S
08-Jul-2015 to

Galbraith and the Midas Touch
  1. Watch the Birdie
  2. Who Goes Next
  3. Pandora's Box
  4. Gold Medal
  5. Aladdin's Cave
  6. The Pyramid of Gold
Bernard Hepton, Garard Green, Richard Davies, Clive Merrison,
Eric Richard, Margery Withers, Robert Gillespie, Gyorg Milekian,
David Ryall, Michael Kilgarrith, Matthew Francis
Produced by John Browell
29:23, 27502, S
29:02, 27164, S
29:00, 27136, S
29:47, 27876, S
29:17, 27406, S
29:19, 27441, S
03-Jan-1980 to
Detective - First Series
  1. A Bit of Tomfoolery
  2. Operation Homecoming
  3. Bedtime Story, part 1
  4. Bedtime Story, part 2
  5. The Bank Raid
  6. The Do-It-Yourself Job
  7. The Birthday Party, part 1
  8. The Birthday Party, part 2
  9. The Coming Out Present
  10. The Legacy
  11. Time on Their Hands
  12. The Pin-Up Murder, part 1
  13. The Pin-Up Murder, part 2
Ray Brooks, Christopher Blake, Peter Keel, David Daker, Martin
Frank, James Taylor, George Tobey, Aimee Delarey, Martin
Friend, Peter Klim, Jacqueline Tong, John Quail, Timothy
Carlton, Godfrey Kemp, Adrian Egan, Tom Bowles, Michael
Dacker, Gordon Reid, Betty Albarge, Nicholas Selvy, Hilda
Fenimore, Colin Bell, James Cosmo, John Ringham, Lisa Fanigan,
Margot Boyd, Julie May, John Sharpe, Roger Hammond, David
Timson, Bill Nighy, Derek Francis, Peter Baldwin, Brian Haines,
Johnny Wade, Alan Lake, Tony Hanholt, Danny Schiller,
Maurice Colborn, Alan Barrie, Harry Towb, Paul Angeles,
Michael Maclaine, Jenny Twig, Trevor Cooper, Michael
MacStay, Jessie Evans, Victoria Plunknett, Roy Holder,
Keith Buckley, John Hollis, Godfrey James, Norma Ronald, David
Kelly, Vas Anderson, Liz Gebhart, Cindy Hawkins, David Strong
Produced by Martin Fisher
27:42, 25971, S
26:06, 24471, S
28:00, 26261, S
27:01, 25340, S
26:35, 24936, S
26:00, 24382, S
26:54, 25230, S
27:09, 25455, S
25:15, 23678, S
26:12, 24577, S
23:18, 21846, S
23:54, 22410, S
27:34, 25850, S
25-Aug-2014 to

Detective - Second Series
  1. A Dream of Riches
  2. Two on the Run
  3. A Meeting With Anna
  4. Contract to Kill
  5. Four Faces of Crime
  6. Missing From Home
  7. A Very Private Affair
  8. The Placer
  9. Death in a Lonely Place
  10. The Point of No Return
Ray Brooks, Christopher Blake, Peter Keel, Stephen Yardley,
Jacqueline Thom, Betty Arbridge, Tony Quanter, Nicholas
Hortney, John Judd, Gary Cady, Emily Morgan, Stephen Garlick,
David Milner, Deidre Costello, Roy Hoban, Steve Hodson, Gary
Francis, Johnny Wade, Keith Drinkle, William Booker, David Lodge,
Jill Lipston, Tony Stephen, Philip Torbut, Spanser Banks, Haydn
Wood, Garard Green, Tony Konter
Produced by Martin Fisher
27:41, 25909, S
25:35, 23949, S
27:05, 25351, S
28:14, 26416, S
27:45, 25972, S

26:52, 15138, S
27:41, 25912, S
27:46, 25987, S
26:32, 24834, S
27:04, 25340, S
Detective - Third Series
  1. The Trap
  2. A Bit of a Grudge
  3. Lost Without a Trace
  4. The Sell Out
  5. Murder of a Shy Girl
  6. Rough Justice
  7. A Well Planned Job
  8. Death at the Weekend
Ray Brooks, Stephen Garlick, Stephen Greif, Peter Keel,
Stephen Yardley, Michael Ripper, Michael Jenna, Peter Aker,
Anthony Jackson, Eileen Tully,
David Milner, Douglas Blackwell,
Arnold Diamond, Julie May, Victor Mavin, Johnny Wade, William
Hope, John Judd, John Pullen, John Strickland, Hilda Schroder,
Marjorie Withers, Hadyn Wood, Mark Straker, Nigel Greaves,
Henry Stamper, John Hollis, Stella Tannen, Clive Panto, Leslie
Manville, Deirdre Costello, Fiona Matheson
Produced by Martin Fisher
25:23, 23829, S
25:34, 23992, S
26:11, 24574, S
27:57, 26230, S
27:14, 25564, S
25:29, 23924, S
26:28, 24843, S
BBC then
The Dark Island Edward de Souza, Geoffrey Frederick, Bryden Murdock, Peter
Hawkins, Michael Kilgarrith, Kim Grant, Roy Spencer
produced by Peter Titheridge
26:38, 24983, M
26:25, 24767, M
26:43, 25048, M
26:45, 25090, M
26:34, 24907, M
26:37, 24958, M

Documentaries and Collateral Material
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