Balzac, Honoré de (1799-1850)

Last Edited: 29-Mar-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recordings are good unless otherwise indicated.

Publ. 1835
Le Père Goriot
  1. First Intents
  2. The Spur
  3. Only Ambition
  4. Ambition O’erleaps Itself
Stephen Fry, Douglas Hodge, David Ross, Geoffrey Banks, Alix
Kingston, Barbara Martin, Noreen Kirshaw, Romy Baskerville,
Robin Polly, Ian Mercer, Paul Brawdon, Claire Dow, John Griffith
Dramatised by David Hopkins
Directed by Kate Rowland
56:53, 26671, m
56:58, 26709, m
57:17, 26858, m
57:16, 26849, m
12-Sep-2005 to
Le Père Goriot (reading)
Read by Benedict Cumberbatch
Translated by Marion Ayton Crawford
Abridged by Sally Marmion
Produced by Dy Spears
14:06, 6615, m
13:57, 6541, m
14:00, 6567, m
14:05, 6606, m
14:03, 6588, m
14:03, 6587, m
14:08, 6627, m
14:02, 6586, m
14:01, 6575, m
14:03, 6589, m
The Black Sheep
Geoffrey Whitehead, Thomas Arnold, Mathew Pidgeon, Briony
McRoberts, Phyllida Law, Jon Glover, Christian Rodska, Colette
O’Neil, Alan Cox, Nyasha Hatendi, David Holt, Liz Sutherland,
Lucy Patterson, Timothy Bateson, Chris Pavlo
dramatised by Chris Dolan
Producer/director Bruce Young
57:03, 53487, S
57:10, 53595, S
02-Jan-2012 to
Cousin Bette
read by Alex Jennings
translated by Marion Ayton Crawford
abridger was Sally Marmion
producer is Di Speirs
13:47, 12911, S
13:46, 12893, S
13:39, 12777, S
13:50, 12958, S
13:49, 12936, S
13:34, 12707, S
13:40, 12797, S
13:36, 12741, S
13:40, 12805, S
13:43, 12850, S
Eugenie Grandet
Ian McKellen, Alison Pettitt, Shirley Dixon, Anna Calder-Marshall,
Blake Ritson, Harry Hadden-Paton, David Horovitch, Jenny
Funnell, Geoffrey Beevers, Arthur Hughes
Cello and Treble Recorder: Alison Baldwin
Original Music: Lucinda Mason Brown
adapted by Rose Tremain
Produced and directed by Gordon House
56:51, 53189, S
56:55, 53323, S
The Speculator
Martin Jarvis, Emily Richard, Emily Raymond, Mark Payton,
Christopher Wright, Brett Usher, Geoffrey Beavers, Ewan Thomas,
Douglas Blackwell, Gerard McDermott, John Rowe, Alison Pettit
translated and adapted by Stephen Wyatt
directed by Gordon House
87:45, 63244, M

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