Alcott, Louisa May

Last Edited: 01-Feb-2017 A Global British Comedy Collaborative document. Edited by John Lucas
Broadcast source is BBC Radio Four unless otherwise indicated. Recording quality is considered good unless otherwise indicated.

19-Dec-2005 to

Little Women
Gayle Hunnicutt, Gemma Redgrave, Buffy Davis, Anne-Marie Zola,
Kara Zedecker, Marcus D’Amico. Margaret Robertson, Allie Parsons,
Tamsin Hollow, Kate Vinci, Federe Holmes, Don Fellows, Melinda
Walker, Philip Anthony, Jonathan Tapler, Helen Horton, Julian
Rhind Tutt, Shelley Thompson,  Lorelei King, Ann Windsor, Adam
Henderson, Andrew Wyncot, Nicholas Murchie, Don Gerassio
Dramatized by Marcy Kahan
Directed by Marilyn Imrie

27:54, 26172, S
27:41, 25964, S
28:01, 26274, S
27;54, 26168, S
27:51, 26114, S
28:01, 26270, S

16-Jan-2017 to
Little Women
  1. A Merry Christmas
  2. Pickled Limes
  3. Fashionable Life
  4. Dark Days
  5. Aunt March Settles the
  6. The First Wedding
  7. Amy's Adventures
  8. Jo and Laurie
  9. Devoted Sister
  10. Harvest Time
Natasha J Barnes, Julianna Jennings, Bryony Hannah, Samantha
Dakin, Tara Ward, John Bowler, Alex Lanipekun, Finlay Robertson,
Joanna Monro, Alison Belbin, Karen Bartke, Natasha Cowley,
Keziah Joseph, Luke MacGregor, Gunnar Cauthery, Catriona
dramatised by Rhiannon Tise
Produced and Directed by Tracey Neale
69:07, 64663, S
69:09, 64696, S
03-Dec-2007 to

Good Wives
  1. The First Wedding
  2. The Big Busy World
  3. Our Foreign Correspondent
  4. Heartache
  5. Learning to Forget
  6. Under the Umbrella
Gayle Hunnicutt, Gemma Redgrave, Buffy Davis, Anne-Marie Zola,
Kara Zelicka, Marcus D’Amico, Don Fellowes, John Gerassio.
Margaret Robertson, Alie Parsons, Adam Henderson, Helen Horton,
Lorelei King, David Holt, Tamsin Hollow, Faith Brooke, Jill Graham,
Tony G Barry, Melanie Hudson, Jonathan Tafler, Martin Jarvis, John
Church, Andrew Wyncote
Dramatized by Marcie Kahan
Music arranged by Stuart Hutchinson
Directed by Marliyn Imrie

27:36, 25890, S
27:53, 26147, S
27:53, 26180, S
27:53, 26144, S
27:58, 26222, S
27:55, 26175, S

08-Aprr-2000 A Marble Woman
Bill Paterson, Amanda Root and John McArdle, Charles Diaff,
Geoffrey Banks, Sarah Parkes, Becky Simpson, Robert Pollard
dramatised by Lavinia Murray
Director: Pauline Harris

57:13, 53652, S

Documentaries and Collateral Material
2005 Little Women, the Musical
Sutton Foster, Megan McGinnis, Jenny Powers, Amy McAlexander,
Maureen McGovern, John Hickok, Danny Gurwin, Jim Weitzer,
Robert Stattel, Janet Carroll
Director - Susan H. Schulman
Musical Director - Andrew Wilder
Choreographer - Michael Lichtefeld
Music Jason Howland
Lyrics Mindi Dickstein
Book Allan Knee
20 tracks
63:16, 72.4 MB